Braun MQ 3048 MultiQuick 3 Hand Blender White

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Powerbell plus
powerful 700W motor
Dual Speed setting
SplashControl Technology
BPA-Free Plastic.

Braun MQ 3048 MultiQuick 3 Hand Blender is your versatile kitchen assistant, designed to simplify your blending tasks. With a powerful 700 Watts motor and PowerBell Plus technology, it effortlessly blends a variety of ingredients to perfection. The innovative Splash Control feature ensures mess-free blending. Adjust the blending speed with the dual-speed function for precise control. The whisk attachment allows for convenient whipping and beating. For quick chopping, the 500 ML chopper is at your service. The included beaker completes this package, making it an ideal choice for all your blending needs.

Braun MQ 3048 MultiQuick 3 Hand Blender Features:

Powerbell plus
Braun MultiQuick MQ 3048 hand blender provides an extended cutting area. Blends whole foods in seconds.

700 Watts
The powerful 700W motor ensures that the hand blender can quickly and easily handle tough ingredients like ice, nuts, and spices.

1.25L Blender
Jug blender allows you to blend larger quantities of ingredients, perfect for preparing soups, sauces, and smoothies.

The chopper allows quick and precise chopping of herbs, vegetables, and nuts

2 Speed Settings
Dual Speed setting for one-handed operation and maximum convenience.

SplashControl Technology
This feature prevents messy spills and splatters during blending.

This attachment lets you effortlessly whip and beat ingredients

600ml BPA-Free Plastic Beaker
The Beaker makes blending convenient for measuring and pouring liquids

BPA Free
BPA-Free Plastic.

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