Braun Satin Hair 3 Hair Dryer With Ionic Function HD380 White

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2000W power hair dryer
Ionic function
Visibly less frizz
Easy styling, lightweight
Ions with temperature
Airflow speed setting

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Effortless beauty, fast.
The Braun Satin Hair 3 hair dryer is a powerful dryer for everyday use & great styling results. Combining optimum drying temperatures with 2000 watts of power, you can dry your hair thoroughly, simply and fast to achieve professional results at home. Super lightweight, the Satin Hair 3 PowerPerfection dryer is perfect for use at home or away. The Braun Satin Hair 3 dryer features ionic functionality – infuses your hair with ions to boost shine and combat frizz. It works at the touch of a button, with millions of active ions enveloping each hair strand to combat static, resulting in smooth glossy hair that will make you shine.

Nozzle attachment : The styling nozzle allows you to create precise styles quickly and easily.
Cold shot : With a push of a button deliver a burst of cold air to set your style for long-lasting results.
Even heat distribution : Ensures fast drying without causing heat damage.

Compact design for easy 360° use
Even heat distribution prevents dry-out and ensures fast drying
3 heat and 2 airflow setting for drying and styling flexibility
Infuse your hair with ions to boost shine and beat frizz
Fast and easy drying for effortless results

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