Braun Satin Hair 5 AS530 Hair Styler Black

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Powerful Steam Function
Even Heat Distribution
Hair-Friendly Filter Mesh
Adjustable Heat and Airflow Settings
Cold Shot Button
Professional Attachments
High-Powered 1000-Watt

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Dry, Style & Refresh in One Go : The Braun Satin Hair 5 airstyler dries and styles your hair gently and effectively, leaving it shiny and beautiful every day. Whatever your cut or type of hair, you can enjoy a wide range of styles with the airstyler and the three professional attachments.
Change your look to match your mood, and with Braun’s ultimate hair protection you can be sure that you hair looks as healthy as it feels.

The Easy Way to Refresh your Style : There’s now no need to wash your hair every time you want to change the style. The powerful steam function of the Braun Satin Hair 5 airstyler lets you restyle dry hair easily. With just a touch of a button warm, gentle steam refreshes your hair. The Satin Hair 5 airstyler is the perfect product for those ‘in-between’ days, allowing you to achieve the style you want without the hassle.

Small Brush : Soft, defined curls are an all-time favourite. Create your own curly look with the Satin Hair 5 airstyler using the small brush attachment. It’s easy, just roll your hair up around the airstyler barrel, hold, and release.

Large Brush : To create natural-looking waves with the Satin Hair 5 airstyler use the larger brush attachment to create loose curls. Then use your fingers of a brush to gently loosen the curls, creating movement and an effortless wavy look.

Volumiser : With the Braun Satin Hair 5 airstyler luxurious volume is only a style-and-dry away. Just click on the volume fingers and move the appliance in small circles over your head. The ingenious volumiser lifts your hair up at the root and boosts it’s volume.

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