Casio Mini Desk Type 12 Digits Calculator MH12 Black

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Mini Desk Type
12 digits
Regular percentage calculations
Solar & Battery
Key rollover
Extra Large display
Plastic keys

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The Casio MH12 Calculator is a compact and versatile handheld calculator designed to meet the needs of both students and professionals. It offers a wide range of mathematical functions and features.

Compact and Portable : The Casio MH12 is a sleek and lightweight calculator that easily fits in your pocket or bag. Convenient to carry around wherever you go. It’s compact design ensures that you always have a reliable calculator at your fingertips.
12-Digit Display : The calculator boasts a 12-digit LCD display. You can work with large numbers and perform complex calculations with precision and accuracy.
Basic Mathematical Functions : The MH12 supports essential arithmetic operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is an ideal choice whether you’re balancing your budget or solving homework problems.
Percentage Calculations : This calculator includes dedicated percentage buttons. Thus simplifying tasks such as calculating discounts, markups, or finding percentages of a number.
Memory Functions : The Casio MH12 comes equipped with memory storage options. This enables you to store and recall previous calculations effortlessly.
Constants : It provides built-in constants for common mathematical constants like π (pi) and the golden ratio (φ), making it useful for geometry and advanced mathematics.
Solar-Powered with Battery Backup : The calculator is solar-powered, ensuring it operates efficiently under various lighting conditions. It also includes a battery backup, ensuring that you can use it even when there’s limited ambient light.
Auto Power-Off : To conserve energy, the Casio MH12 features an auto power-off function. So the calculator turns off when not in use, extending the life of both the solar cell and the battery.
Durable Build : Casio is known for producing durable and reliable calculators, and the MH12 is no exception. It is built to withstand daily use and is designed to last for years.
User-Friendly Design : The calculator features a straightforward layout with clearly labeled buttons, making it easy to use.

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