Eufy 2K Indoor Security Camera E220 White

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2K resolution indoor security camera
Relevant Recordings
Smart Integration
Follows the Action
Communicate From Your Camera
Sight at Night
Instant Mobile Alerts
Dual Storage Options

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Eufy E220 2K Indoor Security Camera.
Indoor Cam E220, Security Indoor Camera with Wi-Fi, IP Camera, Human & Pet AI, Voice Assistant Compatibility, Motion Tracking, Homebase not Compatible.

Relevant Recordings : The on-device AI determines whether a human or pet is present and only records when an event of interest occurs.
The Key is in the Detail : View every event in up to 2K clarity (1080P while using HomeKit) so you see exactly what is happening inside your home.
Smart Integration : Connect your Indoor Cam to Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa for complete control over your surveillance.
Follows the Action : When motion is detected the camera automatically tracks and follows the moving object. Pan the lens 360° horizontally or tilt it 96° vertically to get a clear view of the whole room.
Communicate From Your Camera : Speak in real-time to anyone who passes via the camera’s built-in two-way audio.
Know When You Are Needed : The built-in AI notifies you of excessive noise levels so you know when your little one needs some attention.
Instant Detection : As soon as motion is detected the camera will start recording and push a notification in case you want to see what is happening.
Activity Zones : Only receive the alerts which matter. Customize the area in which detection takes place to suit your home.
Sight at Night : Keep an eye on any room, even in low light settings.
Instant Mobile Alerts* : Notifies you in seconds when suspicious motions are detected.
*Push notifications with thumbnail previews require thumbnail preview images to be temporarily stored in the cloud.
Dual Storage Options : Store your data and recordings locally or in the cloud.

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