Eufy Wire-Free Security Camera With 4K Ultra HD And Solar Power eufyCam-3 S330

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Forever Power Security Camera
4K Ultra HD
BionicMind™(Our AI can tell if someone is known or a stranger with 99.9% accuracy)
Expandable Local Storage
Centralized Security Management

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Forever Power Security Camera with BionicMind™️ S330 eufyCam (eufyCam 3).

Forever Power : 2 hours of daily sun keeps the battery full, so you can rest easy.
4K Ultra HD : See more details with unbelievably sharp 4K in amazing color.
BionicMind™ : Our AI can tell if someone is known or a stranger with 99.9% accuracy.
Expandable Local Storage : Another subscription fee is the last thing you need. eufy Security expandable local storage allows you to save your videos with no monthly fee.
Centralized Security Management : HomeBase 3 unifies your entire security network.
Magnify for More Detail : When there’s something far away, get a closer view with 8× zoom showing off 8 million pixels of clarity.
Color Night Vision : See next-level color quality in your night vision with a high-sensitivity sensor and motion-triggered spotlight.
What Powers the Tech : Starlight Level Photosensitive System f/1.4 aperture lens and CMOS sensor increase photo-sensitivity by 40%.
Motion Triggered Spotlight : The integrated spotlight in camera can be triggered when detecting motion, which helps with extra night clarity.
Years of Storage : HomeBase 3 is built with 16GB of storage to store up to 3 months of videos. And if that’s not enough, expand to up to 16TB with a portable hard drive to save years of recordings.
Keep Privacy in Your Hands : HomeBase uses local storage kept off of cloud servers to ensure that only you are reviewing your data*.

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