Kemei Electric Hair Trimmer KM-3208

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Ceramic cutter head
Whole body washing
USB charging
High capacity lithium battery
Storage base
LED lighting
Usage time : 45 minutes

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KEMEI ball and body trimmer helps keep your body in perfect condition at all times, and make you more confident in social life.

Safety design : Electric groin hair trimmer uses high-quality ceramic cutter heads. Precision steel sharp edge cutter heads are close to each other and automatically grind, providing a completely smooth experience.

Powerful electric body groomer for men and women : The beautician is equipped with a powerful motor with advanced technology to provide powerful power for fast and clean hair removal.

Convenient and convenient charging mode : The best body hair trimmer. Say goodbye to the traditional charging mode, no longer distinguish the direction, and both the front and back can be plugged in. 600mAh lithium battery, USB charging for 1.5 hours, 45 minutes of use.

Keep clean all the time : the whole body is designed to be washable, support cleaning and soaking, and easy to clean.

What’s In The Box :
Limit Comb (3mm, 9mm)
USB Line
Cleaning Brush
Oil Bottle

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