Panasonic KX-TGF310 Digital Corded and Cordless Phone with Handset Black

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Dual-Line Support KX-TGF310 Phone
Corded-Cordless Convenience
Integrated Answering Machine
Call Blocking
Caller ID
Extensive Phonebook
DECT 6.0 Technology

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The Panasonic KX-TGF310 is a versatile and feature-rich corded-cordless telephone system designed to cater to both home and office communication needs. This telephone system offers a comprehensive array of functions to enhance your calling experience and streamline your communication.

One of the standout features of the KX-TGF310 is its dual-line support, allowing you to manage two separate phone lines from a single unit. This is particularly useful for homes with multiple phone lines or small businesses looking to efficiently handle incoming and outgoing calls.

The package typically includes a corded base unit and a cordless handset, providing you with the convenience of both stationary and portable communication options. The corded base unit houses an integrated digital answering machine, ensuring that you never miss an important message. The answering machine has user-friendly controls for message recording and playback.

Call blocking is another valuable feature of the KX-TGF310. With the dedicated call block button, you can easily block unwanted calls, such as telemarketers or robocalls, helping you maintain a peaceful and uninterrupted environment.

This phone system also offers caller ID functionality, displaying the caller’s name and number on the screen, so you can screen calls before answering. Additionally, you can store a significant number of contacts in the built-in phonebook, making it effortless to access and dial frequently used numbers.

The cordless handset is equipped with a clear and legible LCD display that provides caller information, menu options, and message alerts. The speakerphone function ensures hands-free calling convenience, and the intercom feature enables communication between handsets within the same system.

With DECT 6.0 technology, the KX-TGF310 ensures interference-free and high-quality audio during your conversations. The cordless handset’s battery life offers extended talk time, and the system is expandable, allowing you to add more handsets as needed.

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