Philips HR2520 ProMix Hand Blender 3000 Series White

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Robust 400W motor Hand Blender
ProMix Technology
Special bar cage
Ergonomic Grip design
Easy to use button
Light Weight
Includes beaker

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Blend simply and smoothly in seconds
The Philips Hand Blender Series 3000 features a mighty 400W motor and ProMix advanced blending technology to quickly blend your favorite ingredients; from soups and smoothies, to purees and dips. All with a lightweight, ergonomic design.

Robust 400W motor : With a strong 400W motor, you can power through your daily blending tasks for effortlessly smooth results.

ProMix advanced blending technology : Developed together with the prestigious Stuttgart University, Philips ProMix is a unique and advanced blending technology. With a triangular-shaped blade design that creates optimal food flow as you blend, ensuring consistent and fast blending, time after time.

Anti-splash design keeps mess to a minimum : The blade guard are specially designed. It features a closed cage around it to keep mess to a minimum and protect you from any splash-back while you’re blending.

Slip-free ergonomic grip : The strong grip of the hand blender has been specially designed to enable superior comfort and control. The ergonomic grip prevents slippage and minimizes any stress or tension on your hands while you’re using it.

Lightweight and slim for easy handling : The lightweight and slim design works in unison with the ergonmic grip. Thus making the blender super easy and comfortable to handle.

Transparent mixing tumbler : The transparent mixing tumbler is the perfect partner for your hand blender. With scaled measurements to help get your required ingredient quantities just right. The tumbler can be used for hot or cold food.

Easy to clean under the tap : The blending bar is easy to clean by simply rinsing it under running water.

Compact size to store away neatly : Thanks to its compact size, the hand blender can be neatly stored in a kitchen drawer, no need to keep it out on the counter top.

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