Promate DeltaPack 4-Piece Power Bank Kit Black


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4-Piece Power Bank Kit
Powerful Battery Capacity
Built-In Connectors
Cable-Free Convenience
Light Bat Smart LED Screen

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Promate DeltaPack 4-Piece Power Bank Kit Features:

4-Piece Power Bank Kit:
DeltaPack includes four compact and portable chargers and a sleek and stylish charging dock to power both Android and Apple iPhones with ease.

Built-In Connectors:
Forget the hassle of carrying extra cables as DeltaPack features 4 mini power banks with 2 each built-in USB-Cand Lightning Power Delivery connectors.

Powerful Battery Capacity:
Promate DeltaPack boasts 4 individual 5000mAh lithium-ion backup battery packs, so you can keep your devices powered up, anywhere, anytime.

Cable-Free Convenience:
Say goodbye to tangled cables! This cordless charging kit allows you to plug and play without any hassle. The charging dock can conveniently charge the 4 mini power banks simultaneously

US Multi Protect System:
DeltaPack ensures safe and dependable charging, as it features over-charging and high-voltage protection.

Light Bat Smart LED Screen:
Featuring an LED screen, it will keep you informed on the Batt charge left on your DeltaPack power bank

Foldable Kickstand:
Each of the stylish power banks also features a foldable kickstand, that offers stable charging as well enhanced viewing, for your USB Lightr smartphones.

Ultra-Compact Design:
Lightweight and portable enough to put in your pocket, place in your bag, or use on the go.It includes four compact and portable chargers.

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