Promate SecureGrip™ 360° Cradleless 15W Magsafe Compatible Wireless Car Charger Magnus-Qi

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15W MagSafe-compatible wireless car charger
360° cradleless design
Transparent design
Triaxial height adjustable arm
Infinite viewing angles

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15W Magsafe Compatible Wireless Car Charger Magnus-Qi

Magnus-Qi is a stunning 15W MagSafe-compatible wireless car mount and the perfect charging solution, designed to enhance your driving experience. The 360° cradleless design coupled with a triaxial height adjustable arm provides infinite viewing angles. This elegant car mount with a unique transparent design, and aluminum rim, makes it the perfect accessory for your car. Magnus-Qi can be mounted directly on your dashboard and is also compatible with the extended dashboard display screens of Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, and other cars without the fear of falling off even in rough driving conditions. Smoothen your journey, and power your smartphone for every adventure with Magnus-Qi. The perfect Magsafe compatible wireless car charger for your car.

Features :
Input : DC 5V-12.5V/2A
Output : 5W/7.5W/10W/15W
Wireless Charging Frequency : 110kHz-205kHz
Wireless Charging Distance : ≤8mm
Wireless Charging Efficiency : 85%
Input interface : USB-C
Cable Length : 1.2m
Maximum Height : 15cm
Minimum Height : 9cm

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