Wahl Cordless Legend 5 Star Hair Trimmer


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Extended blade slide
Lighter weight and cordless design
Integrated cutting length adjustment
Metallic adjustment lever
Durable lithium ion battery
Operating time of 100 minutes

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Wahl Cordless Legend 5 Star Hair Trimmer for long-range fading. Designed for seamless blended fades and fast cutting. Extended blade slide for wide range fading and seamless blending. Crunch feature on blade gives an audible feedback and helps with fine detailing work to perfect the fade. Lighter weight and cordless design for easier handling with the great haircutting quality.

With its special square tooth set (the so-called Crunch Blade), the precision blade set provides audible feedback to tell you whether or not the fade has been perfected. Thanks to the integrated cutting length adjustment, which also provides the new Cordless Legend with the best-possible length variations. You can now create complete fades and flowing transitions.

The Cordless Legend is also perfect for blending, while precise details can also be worked in seamlessly. Its operation is particularly straightforward thanks to the metallic adjustment lever, which is used to individually adjust the cutting lengths while cutting the hair. Even more working comfort is guaranteed by the sleeker design and reduced weight of the appliance. As a result, it is lighter and more flexible, while the new cordless feature provides an improved level of handling.

Equipped with a highly efficient, durable lithium ion battery, this trimmer convinces with an operating time of 100 minutes and a recharge time of 120 minutes. The attachment combs boast special Secure Fit technology, guaranteeing a long-lasting precision fit of the combs on the blade set. In addition, the rounded tips ensure a comfortable feeling on the skin.

What’s In The Box :
Wahl Cordless Legend Hair Trimmer
Blade guard
Flat-top styling comb
Appliance oil
Cleaning brush
Suitable mains adapter
8 high-quality attachment combs (1.5 mm to 25 mm)

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