Wahl Detailer Classic Series Corded T-Shaped Blades Trimmer


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Standard T-Blade
Corded Trimmer
Rotary Motor with 5,000rpm
Ideal for edge lining and detail work
Short shaving model (0.4mm)
Zero overlap adjustable

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Wahl Detailer Classic Series Corded T-Shaped Blades Trimmer has a 5000rpm motor and is a multi-functional tool. It is specifically designed for edge lining and detailing work. This is a heavy-duty trimmer and is also powerful. The trimmer is corded for continuous use. And it’s also a very short shaving tool (0.4mm) and suitable for the professional. Thus, refining his work.

Crafted from the highest quality steel ideal for haircutting, Wahl blades offer a powerful trimming action with low vibration, thanks to their professional motor. Additionally, the T-shaped blades, capable of adjusting to zero overlap, are perfect for super close trimming, outlines, and detailed work.

The Wahl Detailer is excellent for precision trimming around the face, ears, and neckline.
The Classic Series Trimmer features a Standard T-Blade that users can adjust to zero-overlap for close trimming.
This corded Wahl Detailer Classic Series trimmer ensures continuous usage.
The Classic Detailer Trimmer, equipped with a Rotary Motor running at 5,000rpm, is corded for continuous use.
This trimmer, ideal for edge lining and detail work, provides good cord protection.
Crafted for the craftsman with an eye for detail, the model has a short shaving length of 0.4mm.
Also, it boasts zero overlap adjustable settings.

Features :
Blade Type : Standard T-Blade
Motor / Drive : Rotary Motor – 5,000rpm
Cutting Capabilities : Can be adjusted to zero-overlap
Weight : 330g
Attachments : 3 Attachment Combs
Voltage : 110-240v 50-60Hz

What’s In The Box :
Wahl Detailer Classic Series Corded Trimmer x 1
Attachment combs x 3 (1.5mm, 3mm & 4.5mm)
Maintenance brush x 1
Oil small x 1
Cutting blade protector x 1

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