Xiaomi Compact Hair Dryer H101 Pink

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Foldable handle.
Easily carried in travel bags.
Two air temperature modes.
Balanced temperature protects your hair.
Beautiful minimalist styling.
Prevents accidental burns.

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Foldable handle
The handle is foldable for reduced volume and has a built-in high-intensity, wear-resistant shaft.

Makes blow-drying effortless
Ergonomic design for a more comfortable grip.

Increase hair drying speed again
A 20,000rpm high-performance, high-speed motor provides strong power, with a 15m/s high air flow.
Using a unqiue, 6-wing aircraft propeller bypass design, it gets a strong, reliable flow.

Two air temperature modes
They are paired with two air flow speed modes to meet different blow-drying needs. Simply press to alternate hot/cold air.

Innovative balanced heating design
Heating coils, adopting a conical design and stepped distribution, efficiently generating heat evenly, ensuring your hair gets a consistent result.

Say goodbye to withered and knotted hair
A built-in negative ion generator produces fifty million negative ions that are released to the hair surface, neutralising static electricity, smoothing the frizzy hair, and making the hair fluffy, smooth and shiny.

Beautiful minimalist styling
Multi-protection to reject hazards
A dual overheat protection mechanism for more reassuring use
Double-insulated air nozzle for preventing accidental burns

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