Xiaomi S10+ Dual-Pad Pressure Mopping Robot Vacuum

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Drop sensor – to detect steps and drops
Ultrasonic sensor – to identify carpet material
LDS laser sensor – used in image formation
Line laser sensor – Used to detect small obstacles
AI Visual identification sensor – Used to detect certain obstacles and furniture
Extended edge sensor – Used along the wall
IMU Sensor – Robot vacuum motion status detection
Drive wheel lift sensor – Used to detect if drive wheel is off the ground
Air pressure sensor – Test for dust collection capacity and blocked ducts

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Xiaomi S10+ Dual-Pad Pressure Mopping Robot Vacuum White.

Stronger fan blower suction power allows you to clean your home more efficiently. With the 4000Pa fan blower suction power, your daily cleaning needs can be met easily.
The 4 suction power settings allow you to clear away dust, hair and large particles in one go.

5200mAh nominal battery capacity. Last up 2 hours* in Standard mode, offering you greater peace of mind. The robot is capable of cleaning over 200㎡* areas with one pass in Standard mode, more than enough to handle large rooms.

The dual mop pads rotate at high speeds to simulate the effect of manual pressure mopping, greatly improving the cleaning power and effectively removing wet, dry and other stains.

Mop pads made of woven fabrics (80% polyester + 20% modified polypropylene fibre) retain moisture evenly.
Powerful cleaning performance effectively removes floor stains when mopping and can effectively protect floor surfaces throughout the house.

Smart electronic control water tank with increased 200ml capacity* releases water evenly without leakage.
Constant moisture mopping for up to 80 minutes, sufficient to meet the floor cleaning needs of a 150㎡* household in one pass.

Millimetre-level obstacle identification. No more than 5mm* margin of error between detected distance and actual distance.
The robot precisely avoids obstacles and protects painted furniture surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of getting stuck and ensuring fewer collisions even in dim-light environments.

When the robot works in the Mopping mode, the robot will automatically avoid the carpet so that the mop pads do not soak it.

What’s In The Box :
Xiaomi S10+ Robot Vacuum×1
Brush Cover×1
Dust Compartment×1
Water Tank×1
Side Brush×1
Cleaning Tool×1
Power Cord×1
Mop Pad × 2 (Pre-installed)
Mop Pad Holder×2
Charging Dock×1

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